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fired two concussion canisters in a motel room. a man suspected of robbing a bank in fremont barricaded himself inside. he surrendered after 8:00. he and another man are suspected of robbing a bank of the west yesterday three miles arm from this scene. he was tracked to the motel after spotting a possible get away vehicle. the other suspect gave up when the officers rounded the room. >> a man is in custody after leading police on a high speed chase that spanned several counties. we brought it to you live on abc7 news at 11. we caught the pursuit on our camera in emeryville as it passed interstate 80. it hit 100 miles per hour at times. it ended with no injuries off interstate 580. >> a teacher as castro valley
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high school is on paid leave over sexual misconduct. the superintendent released this statement saying last week a member of the team at castro valley high was alerted to allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a student and an employee. the superintendent says the district took immediate action and notified the sheriff. >> the search for accused cop killer christopher dorner has authorities focusing on mexico this morning and a motel was raided. they have reason to believe he fled to mexico. so far, they do not have confirmed sightings of him. the ex-lapd is facing murder charges in the shooting of a riverside police officer. that could bring the death penalty. lapd is considering several alternate theories of the whereabouts. according to "los angeles times", a theory is he died in
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the snow at big bear where the burned out truck was found. police admit they could be chasing a ghost and will not know for sure until the snow melts. police are hoping $1 million reward will lead them to dorner. >> an italian newspaper is reporting pope benedict underwent a secret heart surgery less than three months ago to replace a 10-year old pacemaker and the unexpected resignation is ling to speculation over which direction his successor will take the church. pope benedict appointed most of the cardinals who will choose the next pope with the largest bloc coming from europe. in the bay area many who gathered for mass last night prayed for the pope. some students hope the next pontiff opens dialogue on issues like same-sex marriage and married priests. >> i do believe in a lot of the traditions that we have in the church but we need to move forward. >> a little bit more respect and
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authority and power for the women in the church and the sisters and the nuns. >> the pope will resign february 28. the vatican hopes to have the next pope joined by easter. >> there is an merge meeting in response to north korea's latest nuclear test. the closed door meeting will begin at 6:00 our time. the north korea said they detonated a nuclear device at a test site. at the same time, an earthquake was detected in the area with a magnitude between 4.9 and 5.2. nato is calling the test irresponsible and a vie haitian of u.n. security council actions^. >> president obama will give his state of the union address tonight and will push for additional government spending to promote manufacturing, education, clean energy, and infrastructure. he will warn congress to avoid
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the automatic spending cuts in defense and education taking place march one. you can watch the president's state of the union address live on abc7 and at starting tonight at 6:00. senator rubio of florida will deliver the republican response. >> tunnel in richmond is closed after the discovery of serious structural problems. the main route to point richmond. on friday part of the tunnel ceiling broke away and revealed a space the size of a pickup truck that should have been filled with earth against a concrete wall 2' thick. >> a large air void above the tunnel. it is disturbing because the ceiling of the tunnel really is only 5" thick which is not reenwe forced. >> so the federally funded
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$750,000 face lit will now be a huge structural repair job costing millions. >> not so simple anymore. >> we will look at the weather forecast on in tuesday morning. >> keeping it simple there, similar to yesterday. >> yes but the fog is thicker in the north. santa rosa and novato and all of 101 half mile visibility so be careful. a few clouds near the coast but half moon bay visibility is seven. further to the south it could be lower but everyone else is starting off with a clear sky this morning. temperature running from 35 inland to the low 40's and the bay and the coast and notice how quickly we get to the upper 50's to 60 for lunch time and hang on the low-to-mid 50's through the afternoon with total sunshine. the only drawback if you are at the beach, it will be breezy. we will see all stars during 7:00 hours with temperatures in
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the low-to-mid 50's. we will be near 70's in many areas on thursday and friday. sue has the commute update. >> good morning, everyone. back, now, to the daly city area southbound 280, an accident is blocking the left lane of traffic there as you make your way southbound. 880, there was an accident partly blocking the off ranch but not too much slowing at this hour. there is road work southbound 101 moving beyond the ramp there, there is road work in the lanes until 6:00 this morning. also, road work southbound 280 ramp to north 85 in the lanes until 6:00 this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza, light here, just road work on the upper deck for the next few minutes. >> buyer beware, police put on a warning of a scam targeting people for trying to save a few bucks on bart tickets.
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>> serenade on the sand, the bay area city that says despite the interest and fascination this music must end. >> but first the morning tech bytes. >> twitter is becoming a shopping site. you can purchase products using american express. beside earning money for twitter it could show that it can sell products. >> watch out for executive order tomorrow on cyber security. it will call if new standards on what private companies should be doing to protect their computer systems from hackers. fashion week is underway in new york, you can catch it from your home. several of the shows are available on the web. some are recorded. some are live. a few will be exclusively on
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> this is a tuesday morning in walnut creek on abc7 morning news. this is live traffic on interstate 680. the volume will pick up and sue is checking traffic. mike will have the forecast ahead. >> protest over a new jail in redwood city is expected at the meeting of the san mateo board of supervisors. a group of demonstrators was at the jail site at a ceremony for the $160 million jail product. some are concerned that supervisors will use the new tax money for jail operating costs. voters passed measure (a) a tax to expand health care and other social services. today, the supervisors are expected to set spending priorities for the new revenue. >> this morning, bart police are warning passengers to look out for counterfeit tickets that look like the real thing.
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thieves are selling the bogus tickets around the bay area at stations. the agency is recommending riders get clipper cards or only buy tickets from the vending machine at the station. bart tickets are coded and if you buy a counterfeit you will not get a refund. >> bart is planning an extreme makeover of the two busy stations. 40 percent of the passengers get on or off at montgomery and embarcardero and they want do knock down the walls and install additional platforms on the other side of the current tracks. that would let passengers board on both sides of the train. bart is looking at installing sliding doors at the edge of the platform to open when it is time to board. the cost of the makeover is $900 million. >> an artist with a baby grand piano was drawing big crowds in half moon bay on the ocean
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front. there are just a couple of days left of the sunset shows. >> since the piano was on the edge of the cliff nine days ago, crowds have flocked, part of the art project called sunset piano, playing the same pieces each day as the instrument slowly falls victim to the elements. (inaudible lyrics). >> we cannot control the atmosphere. >> she grew up with the piano in her home but gave it away because it was going to cost $20,000 to repair. >> how beautiful to be here near the ocean where everything is always changing, that is how life is. >> the piano has been unprotected 24/7 but the days are numbered. the art installation lacks permits and the residents say
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that is a shame saying it has brought the community together. >> i played chopin and then i played chop sticks. those two, on the beach...where else but half moon bay. >> the piano will be here until tuesday, the deadline given by the city. then it will be hauled back where he will bun the piano, the final chapter of the art project. >> it is about 4:45. it was a year ago that many of us went lin sane and tonight it will be a homecoming when he runs with the houston rockets to face the warriors. he was in houston a week away and played one of the best games of the season sinking five, three pointers and the war years were blown out by the rockets. golden state will plan for pay
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back in oakland tonight. look for more defense. >> what will be exciting, the good thing, you cannot be terribly disappointed either way, right? a lot of folks are rooting for him, and some are rooting for... >> i would keep the volume down on the lin rooting, your neighbors, there, they will not like that. >> this is on a personal note. >> how is the weather? >> if you liked yesterday you will like today. there is haze. there is moisture. it is trapped below the high pressure. there is sinking hair that tends to keep the moisture down and that is why we are seeing an increase in the fog this morning near the coast. you can see it on live doppler 7 hd with no radar runs because the air is too dry and you see the patchy fog in the central valley and along the coast. it will be out of here by 9:00
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or 10:00. >> the temperatures are 45 in san francisco which is the warm spot and 41 in mountain view and san jose and 40 in oakland and fremont and everyone else in the 30's. in the monterey bay temperatures are in the upper it this to near 40. inland, gilroy is frosty almost at 33. we have sunshine the next couple of days and mild temperatures and we could be near 70 thursday and friday with a slight pull back over the weekend. we are in this dry and warmer than average trend. concord and santa rosa in the mid-to-upper 60's and san francisco about a degree warmer. in the south bay, 63 to 65 degrees is the range with san jose in the middle at 63. 62 at millbrae and 64 at half moon bay, the cooler spots, and
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62 at ocean beach. and downtown san francisco at 64 this afternoon. east bay sure, oakland is the warm spot at 68. fremont is a cool spot at 65. 62 at pittsburg and 65 in dublin and 359 in carmel and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of the bay and headed inland. tonight, low 40's in oakland and 43 in san francisco. how long will the a warm weather hang around? thursday and friday away from the coast we will be pushing 70 and saturday and sunday and the holiday on monday temperatures are cooler, but, still, very mild, and in the 60's. >> back to daly city, now, an accident southbound 280 blocking the left lane of traffic and no major slowing beyond the scene. this accident southbound 880 at
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whip el has been cleared with partly blocking the ramp now and it is gone and not a problem. we have a new problem, northbound 17 before lexington, an overturned vehicle that is blocking the right lane of traffic at 17. be aware of that. and the san mateo bridge, it is moving nicely, with the brake lights or tail lights headed toward the high-rise and over to foster city and everything is at the limit. >> carnival cruise line says a ship that is disabled since the weekend in gulf of mexico could be in mobile, alabama, on thursday. right now 3,000 passengers, some of whom are ill have to make do with a limited number of bath reals and a fire disabled the ship 150 miles off the yucatan peninsula in the gulf of mexico. this is a photo provided by the coast guard. ship left galveston on thursday and was expected back yesterday.
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it will be towed to a port, or was going to be towed to a port in mention cow but now headed for alabama. >> vitamin supplement taken by a lot of people but what you read on the label may not be what you are getting. >> the dogs brought in to
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>> good morning, on this tuesday, a live look at san mateo bridge works traffic light. mike nicco is trafficking some fog in northern points. he will give us an update on that and sue will have the early morning commute. >> caltrain is on time after an accident that caused massive delays last night with a tractor trailer that was pinned between a train and a cement divider. caltrain kept a track open while the mess was cleaned up. >> new rules in the works for sailing under the bay bridge
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after a recent tanker accident. last month, a 752' oil tanker hit a tower of the bridge causing millions in damage. the san francisco examiner is reporting a safety group could adopt new guidelines today limiting ships from sailing under the bay bridge in foggy conditions. it requires visibility reports for ships leaving the bay. >> the bay pilot at controls of the tanker is suing the coast guard to get back his license. an investigation found the captain from petaluma at fault for crashing the cargo ship into a bay bridge tower in 2007, which is a different accident. and 55,000 gallons of fuel spilled into the bay. the pilot is suing the department of homeland security claiming the civil rights were violated when he was not allowed to renew his license. >> we talked about fog and this morning we have a little bit of it. that is what is different from yesterday. later on, it will be warmer. mike?
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>> about the same, maybe a degree warmer, absolutely, as we build the temperatures near 70's by thursday and friday. here is a look at the high temperatures, most of us are in the mid-60's, and we will have 68 in oakland and santa rosa for the warm spot there and 64 at half moon bay a warmer spot. if you travel today, check out radar across the entire state, it is quiet and even over in the neighboring states and 43 in tahoe and 49 in yosemite, low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and low-to-mid 60's for san diego and palm springs but 68 in los angeles. safe travels. sue? >> c.h.p. updating the location of this accident in the santa cruz mountains, an overturn that is blocking the right lane of traffic. c.h.p. is en route trying to get a tow truck. southbound 280, an accident is blocking the left lane. this is road work on south 101 over the waldo to the northbound portion of the golden gate
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bridge. it will be picked up by 5:30. there is also guardrail until 6:00 this morning. now, san rafael, no fog here. everything is moving smoothly on way to central and southern marin. eric and kristen? >> thank you. new video shows the possible dog napiers -- nappers. this video was recorded on a known saying people deny taking the puppy when the rescue worker called police the two people ran off. the dog is doing well and a police officer who responded has expressed interest in adopting the pup. >> doubly city leaders are trying an alternate approach to keeping canadian geese from a difficult park using dogs to keep them away. the city is worried of the mess
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caused by the 250 geese who want to call it "home." the waste can be dangerous for kid would play soccer and baseball at the field. the dog's first week they chased away 40 percent of the geese. they will stay on the job with an open-ended contract to chase the geese until they have all left. >> wait until you see what the police found when they served a search warrant for drugs. take a look. they discovered a 3' long baby alligator. the couple that lives there suspected of selling marijuana, the alligator was turned over to the humane services. police also found 50 pounds of marijuana and seven firearms. >> if you are one who take vitamin d you will wonder about what you are getting. kaiser permanente researchers in oregon found they contain from 9 percent to 140 percent of the doses listed on the labels
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saying none were likely dangerous but could contain too little to treat someone with a deficiency. it is essential for bone health but most of us get enough from food and the sun. >> if you want to live longer, put down the salt shaker, that is the message from a study from the american heart association journal that says americans take in 3,600 milligrams of salt. lowering that by 40 percent could prevent heart disease from taking the lives of 500,000 americans over 10 years. lowering the salt intake by 50 percent could prevent more than a million deaths. researchers from harvard and ucla took part in the study. >> the french quarter was packed with parters for fat monday yesterday, the last day of mardi gras. rain is in the forecast today. today is fat tuesday and a million people are still expected to filling the streets. so for, officials have not
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canceled parade plans. the partying ends at midnight when lent begins. >> next at 5:00 a.m., taking a stand, the vote that will put san jose in the middle of the san jose in the middle of the battle over same-sex [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning on this tuesday at 5:00. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> you mentioned patches of fog. >> good morning, pike, where are the patches? >> we have low cloud along the coast and headed into the central valley. our fog is thickest in the north
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bay along 101 from novato to santa rosa with half mile visibility. did you like yesterday? today is about the same. the only difference is breezy at the coast. 59 to 64 there and low-to-upper 60's for the rest of us. sue? >> in san francisco we have reports of a car fire at 15th that is visible from the freeway, 101 and 80 so it is on the surface streets but a car fire, 101 and 80 coming off the bay bridge so you may be distracted by that. elsewhere, look at an accident northbound 17, an overturn is blocking the right lane of traffic. kristen and eric? >> a teen boy is fighting for his life this morning after a car hit him while he was crossing the street. investigators have lots of questions. katie marzullo is live

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